Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Greens conduct 'rental health check'

The Greens have launched an online survey of tenants, 'Rental Health Check', to inform that party's activities in the present Federal election campaign.

Please have a look and consider completing the survey.

While you're reflecting on your 'rental health', why not also share your experiences of renting with the other parties' candidates in your electorate?

Or, if you see a candidate out on the hustings, ask them: 'what will you do to improve affordability and security for tenants'?

(Disclaimer: as an independent non-government organisation, the Tenants' Union of NSW does not endorse political parties. If Labor or the Coalition parties want to run surveys of tenants' experiences, we'll post links to them too.)

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  1. I have had a few problems with agents. Here are the ones I can remember;

    Agents that charge you more after you have moved out because they claim the property was still not clean enough. One in particular made the carpet cleaning company go back and do it again on carpet that was over 20 years old because she claimed the carpet was not clean enough!

    Agents who do nothing about maintenance requests then send arrears notices when you're a couple of days late with the rent. We are currently in the process of taking our agent to the tribunal because work was promised to be carried out on the lease and it hasn't been carried out eight months later. Another agent served us with 90 days notice to evict the day after we asked for maintenance to be carried out. We also had an agent turn up at 0645 one morning to check the validity of a maintenance request. When I told him he was not allowed to turn up at the door so early in the morning without notifying me first he replied; "I am a good agent and if you need the work done I have to see it first."

    Agents who lose rent payments and sent arrears notices threatening to evict. Then we go through the dance of collecting rent payment receipts etc to prove our innocence.

    Agents who don't send water bills for months at a time despite being asked "where is the water bill?" Then we are sent a really high bill to pay when they eventually get around to sending it.

    We once offered an agent $30 a week more in rent in order to secure a property as we was so over looking. An agent accepted however as soon as they could, they increased the rent another $25!

    Agents who advertise properties as available now but reply "sorry there are currently no inspections scheduled for the property at the moment. Can I take your mobile number to notify you when there is an inspection?" Sometimes there are no inspections for two or three weeks. I need the property NOW not in two to three weeks!


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