Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Vale Ross Smith

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Ross Smith - a tireless advocate for fairness in the housing system, and member of the Tenants' Union of NSW.

Ross Smith, Waterloo.
Ross was actively involved with the Waterloo Neighbourhood Advisory Board as the Peoples Precinct representative. He was a member of Counterpoint Community Services, King Cross Community Centre and South Sydney Community Aid, Treasurer and long-standing member of REDWatch, and volunteered with the South Sydney Herald. He was also an active member of the Australian Labor Party.

Ross was always willing to say what many others would not regarding social housing policy - or as he would say 'public and community housing' policy. He strongly disliked the term social housing.

He was a strong advocate. He was always a touchstone for those who might stray too far from hearing tenants' voices. He was also keen to stay in touch with tenants from across the state and would travel across Sydney to be at tenants' events. He had a passionate commitment to tenant participation.

Ross was well known in Waterloo and the wider public and community housing community for his tireless advocacy work. He will be sadly missed.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends. Vale.


  1. Few gave more and with such passion. Abrasive? Yes, but I suspect one has to be in order to be heard by those whose objective it is to be deaf to stakeholder opinion. His death is an incalculable loss to affordable housing advocacy, meaningful stakeholder engagement and community development. Moreover, he was my friend and I will miss him. However, I draw solace from the knowledge that any policy or communications issues the residents of heaven may be having, will be well and truly sorted by the time I arrive.

  2. Ross was a terrier of an advocate and tireless in his participation.


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