Friday, June 15, 2012

We want affordable housing because...

If you're concerned about the lack of appropriate and affordable housing in Australia, you're not alone.

Australians for Affordable Housing have recently launched a 'photo petition', calling on all who share your concern to upload a portrait to their website -

As part of the deal, petitioners must include a message about why they'd like to see affordable housing in Australia.

 We want affordable housing...

Here on the Brown Couch we take housing affordability to heart.

Chris wants affordable housing because far too much of the nation's wealth is tied up in housing related debt - and not nearly enough of it applies to newly constructed housing. As a nation we gamble on rising house prices, instead of producing more of what we all need...

Leo wants affordable housing because too many people have to sacrifice even their most basic needs - like adequate food, health and well-being - in order to pay for housing. Rising rents are not only unproductive - they're taking us backwards.

Ned wants affordable housing because sustaining stable homes and cohesive communities becomes increasingly difficult the more our housing costs rise. We're forced to compromise on so many things when we can't afford to keep a roof over our heads.

Why not see what others have to say on affordable housing, or make a statement of your own? Visit the Housing Stressed website for more on the campaign from Australians for Affordable Housing.

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