Friday, December 20, 2013

Tenancy advice over the Xmas break

We're taking a break over the Xmas-New Year period; so are the TAASs, and we hope you get a break too.

From 19 December to 8 January the TU's Xmas Hotline will be in operation each weekday (except Xmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day), from 9:30am-1pm, and 2pm-5pm, staffed by experienced tenant advocates from the TAASs. We hope you don't need it.

Tenants' Union of NSW Xmas Hotline

 phone (02) 8117 3750 


1800 251 101

Thanks for reading us this year – in terms of numbers of posts, and numbers of people reading them, it was our biggest year yet. We wish you the best of the season, and we'll see you in the New Year.

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