Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Ministers

Congratulations to Gabrielle Upton, the NSW State Coalition Government's new Minister for Family and Community Services.

Minister Upton is responsible for social housing, but we still don't have a 'Minister for Housing' in the wider sense, so along with Minister Upton we'll regard the new Premier, Mike Baird, the new Treasurer, Andrew Constance, and the new Planning Minister, Pru Goward, as de facto Housing Ministers. Congratulations to them all.

Stuart Ayres, whom we congratulated not so long ago on his appointment as Minister for Fair Trading, remains in that role.

Congratulations too to Jai Rowell, formerly a tenants advocate at Western Sydney Tenants Service, now Minister for Mental Health and Assistant Minister for Health.

For ministers and ministerial officers looking to get on top of housing policy issues in New South Wales, we recommend Shelter NSW's conference next week on the 'possibilities and realities' of private rental housing, and the TU's own submission to the Legislative Council Inquiry into Social, Public and Affordable Housing. And keep reading the Brown Couch, of course. 

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