Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Save your money. Don't use 'My TICA File'

Tenancy database operator TICA Pty Ltd is offering to rip you off with a new service it calls 'My TICA File'.

(Blacklisted? Blackmailed, more like)

Please: don't sign up for this 'service' and don't give TICA any of your money.

You are entitled to know if you are listed on a tenancy database.  And you're entitled to a copy of the listing free of charge.

If you apply for a rental property and the landlord or agent finds that you are listed on a tenancy database, they are obliged to tell you that you're listed and who listed you (section 211 of the Residential Tenancies Act). If they don't say anything, ask them directly if they've found a listing, and remind them of their obligation.

The landlord or agent who listed you is obliged to give you a copy of the listing (section 216(1) of the Residential Tenancies Act). The copy must be given to you free of charge and within 14 days; if they don't comply, they're liable for a $2 200 fine.

It should be noted that TICA is also obliged to give you a copy of the listing (section 216(2)). The Act allows it to charge a fee for doing so, but the fee must not be 'excessive' (section 216(3)(a)).

TICA charges fees for each of its methods of giving a copy of the listing – $5.45 per minute by phone; $19.80 by mail; $33 by fax; $55 by My TICA File – and we reckon each is excessive, considering that it costs nothing for an agent to call up a listing and every other database operator manages to provide copies free of charge.

So if you absolutely must deal with TICA directly, write and tell them that their fees are excessive and consider complaining to Fair Trading about it.


  1. My office subscribes to both TICA and DataKatch, the benefit for tenants with DataKatch is that they can get a copy of their file for free.

    1. What is the name of your company im interested of getting a copy of my tica history

    2. What is the name of your company im interested of getting a copy of my tica history

    3. How do we get our free copy?
      is this website accurate?

  2. If TICA publishes false information about you it is plain, old fashioned LIBEL and you are entitled to sue them. Same goes for your credit file. If these for-profit companies say something about you which is not true, SUE THEM!

  3. TICA state in their policy of use that Agents cannot use TICA as a blackmailing tool. How do we go about informing them that blackmailing is going on? Is TICA the main database or is there a place to complain to the main residential tenancy database that Agents are using this a blackmailing tool?

    1. Hi Anon,
      TICA is one of several databases, but is generally the more horrible database to deal with. There is no central database, they all maintain separate lists.
      Make sure to get advice from your local Tenants' Advice and Advocacy Service: tenants.org.au/contact-us about whether they way the agent is using the database is legal, and what you can do about it.

  4. is there a free instant online service to see if you are blacklisted for some reason

    1. Hi vickstar,
      No - all the databases apart from TICA will tell you if you are listed for free, but they won't all do it instantly. Most require a form to be submitted.
      There are paid services out there, but generally they do not check all databases.
      When you apply for a tenancy, the agent is obliged to inform you if they check your name and find you are listed.


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