Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Renting versus owning: interactive graphs

The Reserve Bank's recent paper on renting versus owning has been given the interactive graph treatment by the Sydney Morning Herald.

It is well-worth playing around with, particularly to get your head around the sort of comparison the Reserve Bank was making between the two tenures.

Also worth playing around with: the Economist's interactive graph of house prices in real terms and relative to incomes and rents for various countries. These are different sorts of comparisons to the RBA's, and are the more usual way of considering whether housing is over-priced.

Finally, picking up on something that is missing in the RBA's purely financial analysis, here's our own graph of rental insecurity in New South Wales. Those areas where landlords can give termination notices of just 90 days, and without any grounds, are marked black.

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  1. as usual the Tenants Union has the graph which is easiest to read, concise and to the point. well done......


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