Thursday, September 11, 2014

Millers Point Spring Picnic – this Sunday 14 September

The Millers Point Spring Picnic – what a splendid way to express your solidarity with tenants who face losing their homes and community, and your concern for the preservation of our heritage.

See you there!


  1. They are not loosing their taxpayer funded homes. They are being relocated free thanks to the taxpayer at another location so they can sit and gossip all day.

  2. Hi again Anon, it's far too nice a day to argue. There's still a few hours left of the picnic, perhaps you'd like to come down, meet a few of the people of Millers Point and learn some of the history of the area?

  3. Selling Millers Point is a Win Win situation for all Australians. These beautiful historic homes have been allowed to rot. Private ownership will restore their grandiose, insuring they are there for future generations to admire. The proceeds from the sales are going into the public purse to build housing for 58,000 homeless. With the sale prices been higher than anticipated, more than the predicted 3 houses built for every property sold will be achieved. The relocation of the residents is in their best interests. These homes are totally unsuitable for housing the aged and disabled. The tenants have had 2 years notice to relocate. Support and free removalists have all been provided by the tax payer and many residents have accepted this help and are now relocated. It sickens me to see the media exploiting some of the tenants who are fighting the move. Printing their irrational arguments for wanting to continue living in these derelict buildings, while photographing them holding dead rats! The media should be held to ransom for exploiting people who suffer mental disabilities. It gives readers a false impression of Housing Commission tenants, as can be seen in any article that allows comments. It is an uphill battle trying to help the homeless.The media should be showing the grateful tenants whose lives have been turned around by having a roof over their heads. Such success stories would encourage people to help, or support more of their tax dollars been spent on Public Housing.


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