Friday, January 23, 2015

No Land Tax – no real people

On the topic of land tax (the fairest tax on earth)...

After work the other day we were reading The Onion – America's Finest News Source – and saw the following article.

It wasn't the text that caught our eye, but the picture. Where do we know that face from... why, it's our old friend 'Rebecca Schembri' from No Land Tax!

Who knew that Rebecca, as well as being a property owner and anti-land tax campaigner, was also the author of satirical articles in online newspapers?

But she's not only that – Rebecca is a doctor too!

It turns out all of No Land Tax's spokespersons have hidden depths. You may remember Stephen Perri, Randwick property 'investor' –

– but you probably don't know Stephen Perri, Brazilian football fanatic!

We had a crack at No Land Tax's Thomas Lee for suggesting that everyone should pay more GST so he could be relieved of paying land tax.

But we see now there's more to Thomas than flinty-hearted greed. This businessman's hobbies include playing guitar –

 – tennis –

– and tai chi!

Here's to a long and healthy life, Thomas –

 – oh, that doesn't look good. Thomas, are you okay – oh no! THOMAS!

Last but not least there's Gordon Brown of Balmain, who pays more land tax than he gets in rent.

 No, face this way, Gordon.

That's better. Gordon also has hobbies –

– but Gordon appears to spend most of his time confused and scared by the world around him.

Financial matters especially seem to baffle him –

– but we already knew that.


No Land Tax's images for 'Rebecca Schembri', 'Stephen Perri', 'Thomas Lee' and 'Gordon Brown' are fakes – just stock photos of actors. We don't know if the names are fake too – a quick google search turns up no people so-named in the suburbs they are represented to live in (except there was a Gordon Brown in Balmain, a few years ago at least). It may be that No Land Tax has invented these purported members entirely.

As regards both what it has to say about land tax, and the way it presents its campaign as a grassroots movement, No Land Tax is full of it.


  1. How abosolutely amazing. Well researched by Chris, and possibly others. Just goes to show you should never take things (by things i mean anything to do with politics) for granted, or at face value. I seems face value is subject to change.

  2. Credit to Leo for tracking the photos to Shutterstock.


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