Monday, June 15, 2015

Pet Friendly Landlords

The Animal Welfare League Australia is running a competition to find Australia's most pet friendly landlord. You can find out more and nominate landlords here
We'd like to make our own nomination - the NSW Land and Housing Corporation
For many years they have had the practice of allowing pets as standard. Their agreement currently states it as:
38. The landlord agrees 
38.1 subject to any by-law applicable under clause 33* prohibiting pets, that the tenant may keep pets in the residential premises if the pets do not interfere with the reasonable peace comfort and/or privacy of neighbours.
38.2 The tenant agrees to remove any pet within 48 hours where in the reasonable opinion of the landlord the pet is not suitable to be kept on the premises and the landlord gives the tenant written notice to that effect
38.3 Clauses 38.1 and 38.2 do not apply to restricted dogs as defined by the Companion Animals Act 1998 or dogs declared as dangerous pursuant to that Act. The tenant must not keep any such dogs on the premises
Essentially, Housing leave the decision of whether to own a pet up to the tenant. This is only reasonable, as tenants are people who can make their own decisions, and be held accountable for that decision later in the event damage is caused or cleaning is required. The middle clause has given some tenants of the Land and Housing Corporation a little problem where the reasonable opinion of the landlord might be called into question- for instance, where neighbours and council have no issue with a dog but particular staff of the landlord do. In general however it is so far above the standard practice of other landlords it can be held up as the most reasonable approach to pets in rental we've seen in NSW.
If you've had a great experience with your landlord supporting your pet ownership, do consider letting the Animal Welfare League know.
Read more about this aspect of our Just Renting platform.

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  1. Housing NSW is a clear winner in something, so far anyway, and it is a positive something. We will be needing snow clothes in The Alice next.. Well done Housing NSW.


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