Friday, March 18, 2016

Long live public housing in Millers Point!

Tomorrow marks the two year anniversary of the announced sell-off of public housing in Millers Point and The Rocks. This is significant, because the "project" of relocating tenants was given two years to run.

To celebrate their survival remaining tenants will march tomorrow, down Kent Street to the Village Green. Why not join them?

While you're there, reflect upon the resilience of the remaining 75 households. Reflect upon the hundreds of properties that have been vacated, and the tenants who have now moved on.

Reflect upon the 58 properties that have been sold to date for around $150million. With almost 300 more properties to be sold, reflect upon the price of an iconic and historic Sydney suburb.

Reflect upon the history and the heritage in the place. From the significance of these sites as Gadigal country - Australia's first displaced people - to the beginnings and tensions of a penal colony. To Australia's first government owned rental housing, the proposed redevelopment of the 1960s, and the Green Bans movement that followed...

Throughout it all, ordinary Sydneysiders have made this place their home. Reflect upon that tomorrow, as they're marching down Kent Street to celebrate their survival.

And reflect upon it again, as the highest bidders continue to roll in to capture the spoils.

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