Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Rent Tracker

Over the last few years we've been looking at various ways of measuring rents in New South Wales, and pointing out that there is a really powerful source of data to which of us tenants who pay bond contribute.

The Rental Bond Board holds nearly 800,000 bonds and each one tells a story - what the rent was for a particular property at a particular time in a particular location. If you add all of those stories together, you get the Rent part of the Rent and Sales Report, as published by Family And Community Services.

Today we released the report version of Rent Tracker. We've dug in to the Rent and Sales Report and drawn out extra data, to help give more context to changes in rents. We've also looked at advertised rents as well as the actual rents, to help add depth and understanding to the stories reported in the media.

This data source should be seen as one of the go to sources of information about what is happening in renting. It's important to know what landlords and agents hope to get for a property they advertised, but it's at least as important to know what they actually do get. As well as ongoing improvements to the report, we'll keep blogging about how this data can help understand the state of the rental market!

Check out Rent Tracker here.

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