Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tell us what you really think, Belle

Thanks, Belle Property. This charming little reminder of how some real estate agents really view us tenants was dropped in our inbox this morning.

Clearly it’s supposed to be funny. Can you imagine your landlord finding it in their letter box and having a little chortle? How hilarious that it is so easy to remove someone from their home, like changing clothes. Perhaps they even hoped for some controversy! There’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?

Hey landlords, don’t like your tenants anymore? Did they ask for repairs, or question a rent increase? Maybe you just don’t like they way they look. No worries, just get your agent to give ‘em the flick. As non-property owners they’re vermin, barely human, certainly not worthy of a home. Its rare that such a dismissive attitude is so clearly drawn out.

What’s most frustrating about these kinds of attitudes prevailing in real estate agencies is that avoiding them is easier said than done. When you’re looking down another 30 applications, eviction day is coming up fast and at least this place doesn’t have obvious mould problems, knowing your property manager thinks your vermin doesn’t rate as highly.

The thing is though property managers need tenants. Sales agents don’t, except to use our furniture to make a place look homely. But a property manager without tenants is like a mouse without cheese, scrounging around looking for some other way to make a living. We might be vermin to you, but we pay your wages.

UPDATE 20/11/2016. Belle Property has responded to this post with the following message.
"We apologise if any offense was taken as a result of these Property Management flyers, it was never the intention. We in no way believe tenants are comparable to vermin and we apologise that it has been interpreted in this way. It was intended as a fun light-hearted message, which evidently wasn’t achieved. We are happy to discuss this further offline if there are any further queries. We will cease to use this marketing material effective immediately."

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