Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Credit where it's due: post script

Back in early October we noted the Minister for Social Housing had taken heed of warnings against plans for rental bonds for public housing tenancies, and opened up the plans for discussion.

We said:
FACS Housing has expanded the handful of non-government housing peaks it has asked to comment on a draft operational framework, and the Minister for Social Housing himself has invited several of us to meet with him to discuss our concerns.
This, we said, was an indication that when it came down to it, Government was prepared to stop and listen to concerns about the scheme... to the Minister's credit.

Yesterday Minister Hazzard's office circulated a note, giving an update on the development of the policy. It confirms the Minister will put the rental bonds scheme on hold, "to allow for further review of the framework". This in an indication that rental bonds for public housing tenancies may yet become a reality - in keeping with the Minister's commitment - but not this time around, and not in the manner proposed. For now, at least, it's back to the old drawing board.

This is excellent news. Cheers, Minister!

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