Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Evictions begin at Millers Point

Words and pictures from John Dunn, Friends of Millers Point

This morning the NSW Government is taking action against public housing tenants in Millers Point.


At Sirius the assets branch of the NSW Government is erecting a cyclone wire fence around the site. Family and Community Services (FACS) has informed residents that the fence is being installed to improve public safety.
The fence around Sirius appears to be poorly located for protecting public safety but it is well located if it is in preparation for demolishing of Sirius and its ground-floor courtyards. In the meantime it alienates more of the common areas of Sirius from its residents. Effectively, the government is evicting the remaining tenants of Sirius an inch at a time.

All of the interior common areas have been locked away from the tenants of Sirius. Recently, senior FACS officers cancelled Myra's booking of the Phillip Room which had been booked for a studio session in which people were to draw her. The Phillip Room was subsequently covered in black plastic so that it could no longer be used. Myra's drawing studio sessions were moved to the courtyards of Sirius and proceeded with great success and without incident. Similarly, Myra has had guests for Friday Night Sirius, a barbecue event in the courtyard. Myra has been looking forward to the next Friday Night Sirius barbecue on 2 June. Also during the past few months, the Sirius Foundation has conducted dozens of tours of Sirius which have been booked by more than 1000 people and are conducted by Tao Gofers, the leading architect of Sirius. Initially tours were allowed inside Sirius, but as their success has grown, the areas they are allowed into have contracted.
Watching the fence being erected at Sirius one is reminded of the Berlin Wall going up. If Sirius represents the Heart of Sydney, the NSW Government appears determined to destroy it.


This morning the sheriff was scheduled to evict Peter Muller from 32 High Street, Millers Point. Currently he remains in his home, surrounded by residents and supporters. The staff from the assets branch of the NSW Government were keeping a close eye on proceedings from a safe distance.

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