Monday, July 29, 2013

Are you enrolled to vote?

If you're waiting for the date of the federal election to be set to sort out your electoral enrolment, wait no longer. No, the date hasn't been set. You should just do it now. Don't wait!

If you've never been enrolled before, you can enrol online at the Australian Electoral Commission's website.

You're required to enrol if you're 18 years or older and an Australian citizen (some British citizens are eligible too). (And if you're 16 or 17 and are waiting til you're 18, don't wait – you can enrol now too).

If you've enrolled previously, but are not sure if you are still enrolled, you can check your enrolment online. And if you're enrolled under an old address, you can change your address online.

It does happen that people drop off the electoral roll, particularly if they've moved and have not notified the AEC of the change of address. (The AEC periodically sends out surveys to check who is currently living at an address, and if the returned survey doesn't match the roll, those on the roll may get bumped.)

If you've dropped off the roll, you can re-enrol online.

Tell your friends, housemates and fellow tenants to make sure they're enrolled to vote. See the AEC's 'Don't Leave It To The Last Minute' campaign for more info.

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