Monday, July 15, 2013

Bright sparks and smoke alarms

I was talking recently with a fellow from the Real Estate Institute about smoke alarms, which since 2005 have been required in all homes in New South Wales.

The fellow from the REI recounted that soon after the requirement came in, agents began to get a bit suss that tenants were removing the batteries to put in their TV remotes. So the agents started installing alarms that took nine volt batteries – won't fit in remotes. Problem fixed. Ha ha!

My only thought in response to this was... that's pretty clever, actually.

It's a foolish tenant who leaves a smoke alarm without a battery. If the battery's dead, change it – and if you can't change it (eg you can't reach the alarm), get the landlord to change it. If it's giving false alarms, get the landlord to fix it.

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