Friday, June 20, 2014

Has your phone or internet connection been switched off?

Our colleagues at the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) remind us that as the National Broadband Network rolls out, property owners have 18 months to authorise the switch from the old Telstra network to the new network for fixed line phone and internet services.

For the earliest NBN sites, the 18 months is now up and connections to the old network are being switched off.

And as time goes on, the old network will be disconnected in more and more places.

ACCAN says Telstra, NBN Co and the Australian Government have been doing a lot of mailouts, doorknocking and other activities to get the word out, but there may still be some landlords who have not done anything about getting the NBN connected.

If you find your fixed line phone or internet service disconnected, ACCAN says you should contact your phone or internet service provider for advice – which will usually be to get your landlord to authorise connection to the NBN.

And if you're still connected to the old network and disconnection is pending, don't delay in seeking your landlord's authorisation – ACCAN says it can take some time for NBN Co to do the installation work.

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