Friday, June 6, 2014

Support women's services

Two good causes for women need your support.

For nearly 40 years a network of women-only refuges in inner Sydney has given life-changing shelter and support to women and their children. Under proposed changes to the funding of homelessness services, most of these services will close. They want the NSW State Government to think again. Follow the link above to read more about the campaign.

And for six years the Women in Prison Advocacy Network has given life-changing support to women who have left prison, or who are just about to leave, and who need help transitioning to life outside (help like finding a place to live, after Housing NSW has gotten you to relinquish your social housing tenancy so that homelessness awaits).

Earlier this year, the Federal Government cut WIPAN's National Crime Prevention funding, so it needs your help to keep going. Read WIPAN's campaign brochure here.   

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